Jeannine and Steve get married!

Here’s a lovely wedding I had the chance to design this past summer.



Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 6

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 7

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 8

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 11

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 2

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 3

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 4

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 19

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 18

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 17

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 9

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 15

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 21

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 20

Science Center wedding by Unity Weddings 12

Design and concept: Unity Weddings

Photography: Blushing Bride Studio | Venue: Science Center | Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs

Stationary: Kelly de Luca

Manuela + Patrick = married!

Hey hey!

Taking some time out from my office routine today to share a little preview from Manuela and Patrick’s wedding.

These two were an absolute dream to work with, and their wedding day was a perfect reflection of them.



Photography: Annalie Young | Venue: Marche Bonsecours | Rentals: Celebrations

Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs | Cake and sweets: Luisa Galuppo Cakes

Rowena + Jeff = Married!


Taking a quick break in between coffee, crazy schedules, meetings,

and general wedding craziness to share this lovely rustic wedding with you!



Photography: Davina+Daniel

Venue: Navark

Rentals: Celebrations

Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs

Maria + John = married!


Things have not gotten any quieter on the wedding front, so today’s post is short and sweet.
Scroll on down and see for yourselves, as Maria and John’s wedding radiated love, light, and bright poppy red.


Photography: Monique Simone

Venue: L’Autre Version

Rentals: Celebrations

Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs

Cake: Luisa Galuppo

frances + david = married!

Hey all!

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I’m not sure I even still remember how it’s done!
Well, my excellent excuse is that I’m neck-deep in the busiest wedding season ever.

Without further a-do, because I’ve got work to get back to, here is one of my fave weddings from this year so far.
Frances was the most awesome bride to work with, not only because of her big heart or sweetness or great personality,
but mostly for her intense emails {things like “OMG you are the SHIZNIT!!!” regularly popped in my inbox}.
Her big day with David was all about the love, the personal details, and sharing the joy with close family and friends.

And isn’t that what weddings are all about anyways?


Photography: Annalie Young

Venue: Montreal Science Center

Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs

Cake: Luisa Galuppo Cakes

Furniture: Luxe Rentals

of romance and apple blossoms


Well, since I’m sitting here on vacation, I’m playing catch up on all the weddings I haven’t had the chance to blog about yet… Lily and Alex came to me from New York City with the vision of a romantic wedding in an apple orchard. They also really wanted this orchard to be on Île d’Orléans, which was where Alex had taken Lily shortly after they had started dating.

So, after a first trip to the island to find the perfect orchard; another trip to the island to find the perfect spot on the perfect orchard; a trip to New York where Lily and I got very decently drunk; and a wedding day setup that began at dawn and left me covered in dust and bugs… Here are my fave pics of the day!

Photography: Irene Suchocki

Venue: Domaine de la Source Marguerite

Decor design and coordination: Unity Weddings

i heart my brides

Hey hey!

In my line of work, I get all sorts of clients. Some brides are lovely, some are a little less.
Some are very picky, and some are very easy-going. Some are creative and some have no clue when it comes to
what they like. And then, there are brides like Annalie. Let me tell you, this girl has got it going on! (more…)

it’s all in the details


This past September, I had the incredible privilege of designing and coordinating the wedding
of a pretty challenging couple. Don’t get me wrong, this bride and groom were absolutely adorable and a pleasure
to work with, but they also knew their stuff, knew what they wanted, and most importantly knew that the stuff they wanted
was a tad different, very thought-through, and very them.

This lovely couple has requested that all vendors involved respect their privacy,
which I very much admire given the intimate nature of a wedding. So, without giving them or any of their guests away,
here are my very favorite detail shots from this affair.

And the incredibly talented lineup of peeps for this wedding was…

Venue: Parisian Laundry

Photography: Tim Chin Photography

Huppah: The Canopy Company

Furniture: Sofa To Go

Lighting: Kloda

Flowers: Alain Simon Fleurs

Food: Chez L’Epicier

Cakes: Luisa Galuppo Cakes

Cake pops: Sophie Sucrée

Artwork on display graciously loaned by Parisian Laundry, by Rick Leong

Canvas menu and stationary by Unity Weddings


you + me = love

Hello, hello!

So, my hands are kinda shaky as I’m typing this up, because I’m about to share something oh-so-exciting.
As most of you know by now, Azar from Principal Planner and I are good friends. We spend so much time {and coffee}
gabbing entire nights away -obviously about weddings, and decor, and flowers- that we finally
decided “hey, why don’t we design something together?”

Not a lot of people are as lucky as we are.
Being creative in life and actually being able to make a living out of it is a blessing of its own,
but getting to collaborate with someone you think is genius? Now that’s just perfection.

So, after a particularly caffeinated night, and with the help of some paper and coloring crayons,
here’s what we came up with! Oh, and before you get to ogle the beautiful pictures, a huge thank you to everyone
who participated in the shoot! Photos by Davina+Daniel, venue by the Loft Hotel, rentals by Celebrations,
flowers by Alain Simon Fleurs, cakes and sugar flowers by Sophie Sucrée, and macaroons by Dolci Piu.

Oh, and obviously, creative design and concept by Principal Planner and Unity Weddings.

from concept to design


One of the trickiest part of my work as a wedding planner/designer is often explaining my vision to a client.
A bride will come to me saying she wants a warm, intimate wedding in an industrial kind of space,
and a light bulb will immediately go off in my head. But when I take this bride, her fiancé, and their parents to the space
I think is perfect for them, how do you explain that a cold, empty industrial space can actually become elegant, warm and inviting? (more…)