out with the black, in with the florals!


I came back from my vacation 2 weeks ago, with my head and my heart filled with sunshine.
And guess what: we haven’t had a single nice/sunny day over here ever since.

But you know what? It’s alright. I’m donning bright pink nail polish, and in case you haven’t
noticed from all my recent pics on Facebook, I’m newly and totally obsessed with florals.
I mean, colored, bright, vintage, big, small… you name it, I love it.
Better yet, if there’s tons of it and it’s all slightly mismatched.


a table for the sweethearts

My husband and I didn’t have a sweetheart table at our wedding.
Instead (and to make my life easier with the seating arrangements) we left 1-2 spots open at most of
the guests tables and, since we had a buffet meal, the two of us took turns moving around the room and
sitting with different sets of family and friends. But I have attended a lot of weddings where they have had beautiful
sweetheart tables set up for the bride and groom, and it made me wonder what other
creative ideas were out there for these special settings. (more…)

an outdoor affair

There’s something about an outdoor ceremony and reception that is fresh and inviting
(as long as the weather holds!). Wedding vendors are catching on to the outdoor wedding trend by
offering lots of terrific products that will help stylize your day.

Most outdoor weddings take place in the summer months when the weather is warm, so in case
it’s downright hot, offer guests individual fans (solid or folding ones) – place one on each seat, across a plate
in a place setting, or set up a basket of them near the entrance. Also help your bridesmaids stay cool by giving
them each a pretty parasol (you could even use them in place of holding a bouquet).


picnic panache

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Sitting on big blankets, eating yummy comfort foods
and summer treats, playing games under the sun… picnics evoke a heart-warming sense of nostalgia,
and many couples have gone as far as incorporating this whimsical theme into their weddings.

With a kitschy idea like a picnic (or a carnival, etc.), there’s a fine line between cute and tacky,
so if you’ve decided to go with this idea don’t get too carried away. Choose certain elements that are picnic-y
but don’t overwhelm your day with red-and-white checkers and buckets of chicken.


This is how we do it – part 2

Hello everyone!

Today is a very exciting day. I am building the coolest, most over the top, most expensive wedding
I’ve ever laid my hands on. The story goes like this: I met D&D about a year and a half ago, and the first
thing out of their mouth was “we want spectacular!” (more…)

color me turquoise

Pantone named turquoise the colour of 2010. It was chosen for its soothing properties
since people often associate turquoise with the tropics (and hence island getaways).
Here are some of our favourite things in turquoise…




I am dying from exhaustion. Literally, wedding season hasn’t even officially
kicked off yet, and I am already dreaming of my vacation in the fall… If I make til then.
But then I get a phone call from someone like this bride, and my day instantly brightens up…

Let’s call her B. B is Indian. So is her fiance. She is also young, vibrant, full of energy,
and totally adorable. She is also the same sign as I am, so this might be playing
a bit into why we get along so well. But most importantly, B and her man
are planning a wild, over-the-top, totally cool big fat Indian wedding.
I am holding myself back from inserting tons of {!!!!!!!!!!!!} after each sentence.

I love Indian weddings. Well, I love most of what there is about them. They are huge,
and colorful, and loud. Indians know how to party, they wear the prettiest saris,
and the brides are always so adorned they look like they belong on the shelves of a
Swarovski store. They have tons of cousins, who always try to meddle with the
planning (this is the part I don’t like so much), but they also usually have
over 300 guests, which is a whole other kind of ball game for a wedding planner.

B’s wedding isn’t until July, but I am very happy to say that most of the
planning is done. The decor is booked, and so are the dj, photographers, videographers,
limos, caterers, etc. And I have a very clear image in my mind of how it’s all going to
come together, mainly because B has been bombarding me with pictures ever
since we started working together.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when, during one of our endless telephone
conversations, B blurted out: “I read your blog all the time. I love your inspiration boards.
Um, can I have one too please?”. Don’t get me wrong. I love making inspiration boards,
but they are usually useful when the bride, well, needs inspiration. Or when I want to make sure
that I am on the same page with the bride, so to speak.

I am pretty sure that B and I are on the same page. Knowing her (and I think I do
pretty well, since she just invited me to join the bachelorette), there will be nothing small,
cute, or dainty about her wedding. B loves crystals, and glitter, and fashion, and all things
slightly over the top (well, at least when it comes to weddings). Just between us, she is the
first of my brides to ever order a four-dozen-roses bridal bouquet. She can barely lift it,
but it makes her eyes sparkle with joy…

So, B, this one is for you. I hope we are on the same page after all!


’tis a merry season Part I

Hello, hello!

I have a confession to make: I really hate this season! It’s April, and no one is
getting married. I mean, no one’s getting married yet. This is pure torture.
I have all these absolutely gorgeous weddings lined up, and there is absolutely
nothing I can do about it right now.

I mean, I am in the midst of a lot of planning, and detail tweaking, and schedule
organizing, but there is no actual hands-on, on-site, anything going on right now.
I am meeting with my brides, and we are running from decor showrooms to
cake tastings,but oh, I am so itching for an actual wedding right now!

So, I’ve decided I’ll scratch the itch by sharing with you a couple of my favorite
about-to-be weddings. This first one will be held in a teeny tiny little town in the
Eastern townships. This couple currently lives on the West Coast, but decided to
host their wedding in our Belle Province.

No fuss, no muss, and nothing but pure goodness. The very lovely bride has been collecting
antique milk jars and porcelain for a while, and this will be the only dictating theme for her
wedding. No specific colors, no complicated installations. Just family, close friends,
and freshly-picked wild flowers from the property’s gardens.
Oh yes, and tons of vintage details and a warm, earthly feel. I can’t wait!


peaches and {chocolate} cream

I spent a good portion of today in a rental showroom, and my mind is a-buzz
with the endless possibilities of color combination and fabric overlays.
Which reminded me: I am designing a wedding for a bride
whose colors are peach and chocolate.

Now, I’m usually not a brown kinda gal,
but this combo is just delicious! What do you think?


white out

Good afternoon!

The skies are white today in Montreal. It’s a very specific thing, you see.
I’ve traveled quite a lot, and I’ve never seen white skies like we get them in Canada.
They’re almost transparent, milky-white, full of light, and quite cold and gloomy.

And so, as I was sitting at my desk and working the day away,
this white sky got me thinking about white weddings. Weddings used to be all about white.
The bride was “pure”, the dress was virginal, the tables and flowers were white as well.
Then someone came along, and said “hey, what’s wrong with color?”

Now, I spend long hours debating with brides over colors, over the perfect shade
of pink or blue, over just the right way of incorporating brown and coral into her decor.
But, truth be told, I kinda miss white. White almost has a bad reputation nowadays.
No self-assuming, emancipated woman, at times going through her second marriage,
wants to be perceived as innocent, blushing, and pure. Well, some do, but they still choose to go
with light pastels instead of all-white.

I think it’s time white got its sexy back. It can be totally glam, clean, chic, and all those
other things you might want your fabulous wedding to be. And it doesn’t have to be only
one shade of white. Soft gradients of white and ivory, mixed with very, very pale pastels,
can add “oomph” and depth to your reception decor.

White can be the color of romance, of magic, of love. It can also be simple, casual,
and unpretentious. Or it can be sophisticated, dressy, and formal.

But beware: It just might clash with your blush…