an outdoor affair

There’s something about an outdoor ceremony and reception that is fresh and inviting
(as long as the weather holds!). Wedding vendors are catching on to the outdoor wedding trend by
offering lots of terrific products that will help stylize your day.

Most outdoor weddings take place in the summer months when the weather is warm, so in case
it’s downright hot, offer guests individual fans (solid or folding ones) – place one on each seat, across a plate
in a place setting, or set up a basket of them near the entrance. Also help your bridesmaids stay cool by giving
them each a pretty parasol (you could even use them in place of holding a bouquet).


spring is in the air!

We already knew that this winter was particularly gentle in Montreal,
but these past few days… Oh, the sun is out, temperatures are definitely
above the freezing mark, the birds are chirping…

It’s got me all giddy about spring, and mostly about the things that spring
brings with it. My favorite flowers bloom in the spring, particularly magnolia
trees and cherry blossoms. Being a city girl, I am stuck in an apartment with
none of these anywhere in sight, but who can stop me from dreaming?

And so I am closing off my work day tonight with an inspiration board that will,
hopefully, get you thinking of spring as well.


dreamy inspirations

The wedding season is around the corner, and this means that for most of
my brides and grooms the where and the who are booked, and we are now getting
to the fun part of actually designing the decor.

For me, of course, this means countless sleepless nights pouring over millions of images,
trying to translate “extraordinarily theatrical” and “intimate shabby chic” into actual concepts.
And so I have a confession to make: the hardest part is actually not letting my personal taste
get into the way of my clients’ visions.

I’ve therefore decided to be a little bit selfish with this post, and share with you bits and
pieces of what actually inspires me. I try as much as possible to think “outside the box”, which,
for a wedding planner, means getting inspiration elsewhere than from wedding magazines,
wedding blogs, and weddings at large.

I particularly love music, films, architecture, art, and interior design, as all of these can
convey specific moods and feelings, which is also what a well-designed event should do.

My latest obsession is somewhere between Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette
and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. A dreamy mood, a touch of vintage,
a drop of nostalgia; bubble gum colors that make you want to blow soap bubbles;
lush romanticism that invites a state of dolce far niente.
An invitation into something magical and secret.

If you are looking for inspirations for your own wedding decor, and this post strikes a cord with you, please let me know, I am dying to bring this vision to reality. Otherwise, I hope these images leave you dreaming sweet dreams…