self-serve sweets

My favourite thing when I was a kid was making my own sundaes.
My parents would take out two different flavors of ice cream, three sauces
(chocolate, caramel and strawberry), whipped cream, banana slices, chopped nuts, and sprinkles,
and my brother and I would go to town! Interactive food stations are fun, and when they’re filled
with only sweet treats, guests will be doubly happy.

Candy buffets are one of the more common sweet table themes and are always a hit. (more…)

a table!

As you all have seen, I’ve been hard at work lately putting up pictures
for this new site. In the process, I dug up a lot of photos of weddings
I’ve planned over the past couple of years.

In the featured section we are showcasing some of our favorite weddings,
but I also wanted to take a moment and share with you some of my favorite table décor.
And so this post was born!

You might have noticed that I have a soft spot for tall arrangements.
If this is something you are considering doing for your event,
don’t forget to think of ways to bring them out with the help of lighting.
Here are a couple of options:

Pin-spotting can be quite pricey, as it involves a lot of technical labor.
But the effect of each table being individually lit-up from above is absolutely stunning!

A more wallet-friendly alternative is to have LED “coasters”
inserted under your centerpiece. They are battery-operated and run up to 10 hours.
The effect is a bit more subtle, but your flowers look like they are literally aglow!

Spring usually marks the beginning of wedding season,
and it usually brings about the blooming of flowers.

For this wedding, we had over a thousand different flowers delivered to the venue,
ranging in color from canari-yellow to bright red. I then arranged them in
different vases to create, with the help of candles,
a glowing “runner” in the center of the tables.

These modern centerpieces reminded the guests of a cherry tree in bloom.

Go wild with branches! If traditional white flowers are not exactly your cup of tea,
feel free to consider a more structural centerpiece. The effect can still be very festive…

This totally wild and a bit unusual centerpiece included giant rose balls
hanging from custom-glittered branches. The bonus?
Guests got to take the flower balls home with them at the end of the night!

For this modern, dark, winter wedding, I bought silver glittery branches at a Christmas sale,
tied them with a black ribbon, and displayed them as a runner along the center of the tables.
Pretty cool for a December wedding!

I hope you’ve been inspired!